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How can I purchase more than one ticket?
You can only purchase one type of general admission ticket at a time. For example, if you need  to purchase an Adult Ticket and an Adult Cycling Ticket you will need to complete the process twice. This is due to admission at different gates for different ticket types.


Saturday Course Tickets
Saturday course tickets need to purchased with a ticket for the 9th June. If you have already bought a Sunday ticket, or would just like to purchase a Saturday ticket please contact us on


Can I change my bus tickets?
There are a limited number of bus and boat seats available. Therefore, you need to select the times you would like to travel for both outbound and return journeys. Unfortunately due to limited numbers once purchased these times cannot be changed.

Childrens tickets for boat travel are the same price as an adult and need to be purchased in advance. 

Children tickets for bus travel are free of charge. 


I only received one confirmation email but purchased multiple tickets?
The QR code generated allows entry for the number of tickets you have purchased. You can share this QR code with the other members of your ticketed group even if you are not entering with them.


Parking is free of charge.


For any questions please contact:


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